Use unlimited Wi-Fi in Japan with Bsmo Wi-Fi.

Available from 3 days Required fee: 1day650yen〜
Bsmo Wi-Fi Easy  Step To Use
Ultra High-Speed!BsmoWi-fi Maximum reception 220 Mbps※ with WiMAX2 + 4 X 4 MIMO

Unlimited use of Wi-Fi

Use fast Wi-Fi with no stress! There is no speed limitation even after you go over 7GB ※There may be some limitation depending on your usage situation BsmoWi-Fi Plan
Foreigner-friendly! We have a team of bilingual staffs that can answer your inquiries
Normally, if you exceed the limit of 3GB in the last 3 days, speed limitation will start With Bsmo WiFi, even you exceed the limit of 3GB in 3 days, you can still watch YouTube videos with normal quality. Compared to normal pocket Wi-Fi, you can use your Wi-Fi faster than 128Kbps!

For example

BsmoWi-Fi Even if you exceed your limit, you can use our Wi-Fi with no problem at all!

Use Bsmo Wi-fi indoors and outdoors

Have access to Wi-Fi even when you are outside

guest house,home-stay etc:Enjoy using the internet with high-speed reception
of 220 Mbps※1 both indoors and outdoors hotel:Run-time is up to 10 hours※2 with full-charged battery
10 people can share 1 Wi-Fi router, so use it with your family and friends.

※1:The maximum speed limit depends on the device you are using and the environment you are using it in. Please check our device before use.

※2:The reception situation may change depending on the place you are in (underground, inside a tunnel, on a tall building, etc.)

shopping:The router is very compact  (W110XH66XD9.3mm) so it is convenient to carry around. trip:The population coverage is over 90%, so you can receive your desired information anytime you want.

Price List(tax included)

charge plan:convenient to travel or business trip

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